Russian forces claim Narva and Tartu

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18. July 1558


In May 1558, Russians managed to seize the border-city Narva and in July, they sieged Tartu, which soon surrendered. Panic spread throughout the land and after six months, nearly half of of Estonia was conquered by Russians. In 1559, a short truce was called with Russia through Danish mediation, but even after that, the Livonians were unable to bring about a decisive turn in the war. In 1560, The Livonian Order lost the battle of Härgmäe, which was their final outdoor-battle. Soon after, the strongest fortress of the Order, Viljandi, fell. It was clear that the Order could pose no considerable resistance to the Russians, and everyone started looking for an opportunity to place themselves under the neighboring country.

In 1560, the peasants of Lääne county (Läänemaa) started an uprising, which was quickly suppressed.

Sources: A.Mäesalu, T. Lukas, M. Laur, T. Tannberg "Eesti ajalugu I" 1997 "Avita"

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