The beginning of the Livonian War

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22. January 1558

When the truce with the Russians ended in 1554, and the Livonian ambassadors went to renew it, they found, to their surprise, that the czar demanded tribute for the Bishopric of Dorpat. In fear of the war, it was agreed to start collecting it, or at least that was the impression left to the Russians. In Livonia, however, no one was actually fulfilling the given task, and in the fall of 1557, the ambassadors traveled to Russia again, hoping that the treaty could be renewed without having to pay the tribute. This failed: angered, the czar sent his forces to pillage and plunder the Bishopric and the lands of the Order. Thus began the Livonian War.

Source: A.Mäesalu, T. Lukas, M. Laur, T. Tannberg "Eesti ajalugu I" 1997 "Avita"

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