The first period of the Baltic Crusade in Estonia

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After the crusaders had subverted Livonians and Latgalians, they turned their attention to Estonia. The first foray into Ugaunia (Ugandi) in 1208, sparked a longer period of arranging raids against one and other.
In 1210, Estonians managed to beat the Germans in Battle of Ümera, but where the Germans failed, the crusaders succeeded, who by the year 1212 had, in principal, christened the southern counties of Saccalia (Sakala) and Ugaunia. Following that, a truce was signed for three years. (until 1215).

Source: A.Mäesalu, T. Lukas, M. Laur, T. Tannberg "Eesti ajalugu I" 1997 "Avita"

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