The Comb Ceramics culture

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4000 BC

Representatives of the comb ceramic culture are considered to be the predecessors of the Fenno-Baltic peoples. Their heritage is subject to some dispute, but is largely believed that they moved here from east. Lately, the theory that they were of Finno-Ugric origin, is being doubted, and it is thought that they could have already been the representatives of the Kunda culture. It is unclear how many newcomers arrived to the Estonian area; it is possible that the earlier people of Kunda culture simply adopted most of the new culture and preserved their Fenno-Baltic language.

During the era of Comb Ceramic culture land cultivation begun, however, it did not become very widely used.

Source: A.Mäesalu, T. Lukas, M. Laur, T. Tannberg "Eesti ajalugu I" 1997 "Avita"

Image source: Eesti Ajaloo Atla

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