Tartu's Dome Church is built

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The exact date of building is unknown, it is surmised the construction works began in 1262, after town's walls had been completed.

Initially, a smaller church was built, but construction continued throughout the Middle Ages, until the beginning of the XVI century. Final additions were the massive western towers, which also had a defense function.

Similarly to the most of medieval Livonian forts and churches also Tartu's Dome Church bears the signs of Cistercian architecture.

At that time, the Dome Church was the largest church and brick building in Eastern Europe. But the catholic church was abandoned before the Livonian War, and it began to crumble.

It was taken into use in the XIX century, when the Library of the University of Tartu was built to the quire section of the church.

Currently, the history museum if the University is located there. In addition, the towers have been repaired, and viewing platforms have been built there.

Image source: http://www.ut.ee/INPAS/picture/toome.jpg http://static.panoramio.com/photos/original/7290800.jpg

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