Tartu becomes the center of the bishopric

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As soon as the crusades had captured Tartu, construction of the fort began - in 1224. Soon, town evolved around the fort, next to it the Dome Church was built, which at that time was the largest sacral building in Eastern Europe.

It can be said that the real foundation of the bishopric of Dorpat happened in 1224, and its rule lasted until 1558, or for 334 years. Officially, Hermann became the bishop of Dorpat in 1231, after the Pope had addressed him as such in his letter; until that time he was called the bishop if Lihula.

Image source: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/a/aa/Tartu_T%C3%A4hetorn_%C3%B5htul.jpg/180px-Tartu_T%C3%A4hetorn_%C3%B5htul.jpg

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