Complicated founding process of the bishopric

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In 1211, bishop Albert appointed Teoderich, his closest assistant and a prominent figure in the Livonian mission,to the position of the first bishop of Estonia, who was to reside in Lihula. As conquering Estonia did not go very smoothly, bishop Teoderich could not assume his position for a long time. Hence, he joined with the forces of Valdemar II, king of Denmark, which came to Tallinn in 1219.

Teoderich perished in the Battle of Lindanise, and the position of the bishop of Estonia became vacant. Danes appointed their own representative to the position, but bishop Albert did not wish to acknowledge Denmark's rule in all of Estonia, and appointed his brother, Hermann, to the same position. For many years the Danish king forbade him to sail across the sea and Hermann was unable to travel to Estonia. He reached Livonia eventually in 1222, but then, however, the Estonians rose up against the crusaders and Hermann never made it to Lihula.

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