The Battle of Lake Peipus (Battle of the Ice)

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05. April 1242

In the Battle of Lake Peipus, on April 5, 1242, the forces of Alexander, the Duke of Novgorod (who for centuries carried the added name Nevski) defeated Livonians.

The battle is presumed to have taken place on the ice of Lake Peipsi. During the Soviet era, this battle had been nominated a huge importance: it had stopped the advance of the Germans to east, and was a great blow to the Livonian Order as about 400-500 knights had perished.

But there never were that many knights in the Order, and the "Older rhyme chronicle of Livonia", representing the Livonian point of view, marks the battle as a minor event.

The main army of the Livonians was made up by the forces of the archbishop of Dorpat, there may have been only a dozen of knights. However, the fact that Livonians were defeated is irrefutable and they had to sign a truce with Novgorod. But it did not stop the "advance to east", as until the XVI century, the Livonians organized several raids to Russia.

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