Salaspils (Kirchholm) Treaty is signed

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In the middle of the XV century, archbishop of Riga and the Livonian Order reached two important compromises regarding their relationship: in 1451 it was decided, that the archbishop must belong to the Order, without making it politically subjected to the Master; and a year later the question of the town of Riga was solved.

The town had created problems between the two parties since 1287, when the first civil war between the Order and the archbishop broke out.

Since then, both parties had owned the town, and this had created serious discordance between them. In 1452, it was decided in Salaspils (Kirchholm), that the Order and the archbishop will share the power.

Even though Riga, as the town, did not approve of this, this agreement suited well with both of the landlords and it remained in force (with few intermissions) until 1562, when the positions of the Master and the archbishop were disbanded.

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