The Diet of Old-Livonia starts to meet

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From 1420 and on, the archbishop of Riga began to gather the Livonian Diet, a meeting of the representatives of the social classes. This evolved into a gathering, where both foreign- and domestic problems were discussed. At first, the Diet was aimed against the Order. The latter, however, faced some serious difficulties due to wars in Lithuania, and in 1435, after the Valga confederation, the Order began to participate in the Diet. From that on, all the landlords in Livonia, their vassals and representatives of larger towns in Livonia (Tallinn, Tartu, Riga) were represented. The peasants were not represented, even though, from time to time, an offer to invite them was made.

Usually, the Diet met in the central area of Old-Livonia, most often in Volmaris (Valmieras) and Valga.


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