The vassals of Northern Estonia were granted the Jungingen parole

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In 1397, when the big meeting of the Teutonic Order and its opponents took place in Gdansk, where the archbishop of Riga was forced to, temporarily, acknowledge the supremacy of the Livonian Order, the Grand Master, Konrad von Jungingen, granted wide privileges to the vassals of Northern Estonia.

In history, these are known as the "Jungingen parole", and gave the vassals the right to hand down their lands up to fifth generation, including the distaff side.

This made the lands of the vassals basically their fixed property. It was very uncommon that a family would die out so that not even one representative of a fifth generation would not be found. This decreased the power of the Livonian Order in Northern Estonia, basically leaving it ruling only over the towns.

But also Tallinn held wide privileges, thus Northern Estonia remained a problematic region for the Order, as aside the privileges held by the vassals and the towns, the Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights stood as the highest authority.

Image displays the flag of the Order.

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