The Livonian Order crushes the St. George's Night Uprising in Harjumaa

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Livonian Order decisively interfered in the St. George's Night Uprising, which had broke out on April 23, 1343, in Northern Estonia. The area then belonged to Denmark. In the beginning of May, Master Burchard von Dreileben met Estonians in Paide. Estonian messengers were killed in a quarrel, and after that the Order destroyed Estonian forces in battles in Kanavere and Sõjamäe. This marked the end of an active uprising on the mainland, but it continued in Saaremaa. There, the Order was unable to banish the resistance of the Estonians before 1345; even after Kanavere and Sõjamäe battles, few isolated cases of resistance took place in Harjumaa,.

After the uprising, the Livonian Order controlled Northern Estonia, which made it easier to officially obtain the area. This happened three years later, when the king of Denmark, Valdemar IV Atterdag sold Estonia to the Teutonic Knights.


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