The eruption of the Polish-Swedish war

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The war between Poland and Sweden, that began in 1600, was a long time coming. In 1592, Zygmunt III, who was also the king of Polish-Livonia, also became the king of Sweden. He had serious confrontations with his uncle, duke Karl. In 1699, Karl proclaimed Sigismund to be dethroned and himself as the new ruler of the land, and from 1604, a king. This brought forth the clash of the two countries.

Sigismund, after being dethroned, tried to join Northern Estonia with Poland. In 1599, Seim finally approved, but duke Karl had been faster. He landed in Tallinn in the beginning of 1600 and made sure the Northern Estonia would remain as a part of Sweden. Following this, he pushed to the south, hoping to get his hands on Riga and by 1601, most of Livonia was conquered by Sweden, all but Riga. The balance of power stabilized thereafter and in 1609, a truce was negotiated, that stipulated the borders of 1600: Northern Estonia was left to Sweden and the Southern to Poland.


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