The Livonian Order looses the Battle of Durbe

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13. July 1260

By 1250, the Teutonic and Livonian Orders had significantly strengthened, after they had made an alliance with the Grand Duke of Lithuania, Mindaugas.

They helped him to throne in 1253, and, in return, received Samogitia. But locals did not agree with this deal and fought back. At the same time, the Livonian Order was succeeding in his fight against the Couronians, whom they had drafted to their own forces.

In 1260, the Order decided to crush the Samogitians. It drafted Couronians, Estonians and Latgalians and went on the move. The Samogitians, however, were able to give an preemptive blow, and attacked the joint forces at modern Durbe River, in Western Latvia.

Couronians, Latgalians and Estonians escaped, and the Order was defeated. Next, large part of Courland became free, all of Samogitia was lost. Also, an uprising took place in Saaremaa, where the Oeselians broke their submission treaties and became free for a year.

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