The Livonian Order conquers Courland

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Even though the crusaders had been able to conquer Estonia by 1227, it did not mark the end of the crusade in the Baltics; actually not even in Estonia, as the Oeselians succeeded in over throwing the rulers for three times.

The main battles took place in Courland and Semgalia, where locals fought the crusaders for decades. By 1267, however, the Couronians had to give in to the crusaders.

Unlike to other regions, where bishop Albert had been very influential in the crusade and thus the bishops had this gained most of the land, Courland was divided differently: bishops gained only 1/3, the Order the rest. This significantly increased the influence of the Order.

Also, the Order had now the chance to establish a direct link to the lands of the Teutonic Order in Prussia: the fort of Memeli (modern Klaipeda) belonged to the Livonian Order for a longer period of time. Nonetheless, the mainland connection was not very secure: the attacks of the Lithuanians, coming from Zemaitija, kept the situation quite tense. Victory over the Couronians allowed the Order to direct its forces against Semigallians, who, aside Lithuanians, was the last nation to resist the Order.

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