The deadly blow in the Battle of Schaulen (Saule)

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22. September 1236


Despite of being internationally condemned, the Brotherhood continued to act in the Baltic. It is possible, that the final conquest was organized to regain their good name, to show that the Order is on the true, crusading path. But the Lithuanian campaign in 1236 was a total failure. Folkvin, the Master of the Order, had stood against it, as during the summer season, moving through swamps and forests to reach Lithuania was complicated; also the Lithuanians, carrying lighter equipment, would have a clear advantage on such terrain. But the majority in the order wished to start the conquest, and thus, the main force of the Brotherhood started towards Lithuania.

But, their way back was cut off by the  Lithuanian army, who, according to the Livonian rhyme-chronicle, decimated the knights. It is possible, that up to 50 knights fell in that battle, that accounting for about half of the main force of the Order. Several saved themselves by shamefully fleeing, but among the fallen was also Folkvin, the Master. After the defeat in the Battle of Schaulen, it was clear, that the Brotherhood cannot continue as an autonomous organization.


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