The Brotherhood receives the counties of Saccalia (Sakala) and Uagunia (Ugandi)

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In 1222, it seemed that Estonia had been conquered. Danish king Valdemar II seized Saaremaa, and started to build there a stone fort. In addition, he invited the Livonian rulers to Saaremaa, including bishop Albert and Master of the Order, Folkvin, to divide Estonia.

With this process, the Brotherhood received the counties of Saccalia and Ugaunia, but had to surrender themselves to Albert's rule.

Officials of the Order traveled to Viljandi, Tartu and Otepää, churches were built in the forts, and both people from the order and representatives of the Bishopric arrived.

The first era of power of the Brotherhood was short, as already in 1223, Estonians started an uprising, sweeping Order's governance away. The Brotherhood was able to reclaim the county of Saccalia in the end of 1223, and in 1224, Tartu fell.

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