The uprising of the Latgalians

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The uprising of the Latgalians against the Brotherhood and bishop Albert was probably due to the Brotherhood's activities.

It is thought that few years earlier, several Latgalians who had died of the plague, had given all their earthly possessions to the Order, who, with this, became a landowner. The relatives of the deceased did not like this at all, and started to spread the unrest.

It is also possible, that the uprising was caused by some of the additional taxes, that the Brotherhood started to levy. In any case, the elders, who so far had been loyal to the crusaders, joined the rebellion, among those Russin, who met its end during the uprise.

After a little while, the confrontations were probably settled, as nothing similar has happened later. After the uprising, the influence of the Order rose significantly in the areas of modern Latvia.

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