The Brotherhood allies themselves with the Latgalians

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In 1208, the Brotherhood, who craved for more power and influence, made a deal with the Latgalians, who were still officially considered as pagans. They had been part of the Dukedoms of Polotsk and Pihkva, but in the beginning of the XIII century stood more or less free.

The Latgalians needed the alliance, to throw back the attacks of their neighbors, especially those of the Estonians.

The Order wished to bring more than 1/3 of the conquered lands under their influence (the rest 2/3 of the lands were to go to bishop

Albert). As now, the Latgalians had become Order's allies, latter were able to expand their power without the bishop's interference.

It seems, that the main figure behind this deal was Master Berthold, who created very close ties with one of the prominent leaders of the Latgalians, Russin.

Due to the alliance between the Latgalians and the Brotherhood, the Latgalians attacked Estonians; the appearance of a strong ally gave them the chance to pay back for the pillages committed by their northern neighbors.


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