The command of Võnnu is established

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In 1207, the first Master of the Brothers of the Sword, Venno (Winno, Winne), appointed the first known ruler of the Võnnu (Cesis) area. Later these governors were called commanders.

The man appointed to this position, was Wickbert of Soest. By capturing the Võnnu fort, the Order had gained a stronghold, that was independent form the bishop. Until that time, the Brotherhood had not had any real domain, they had to follow the supervision of the bishop of Riga. Now, the Order got their chance to lead more autonomous politics.


The importance of Võnnu is shown by the fact, that the commanders of the fort were called Masters.

The best know master was Bert(h)old, ruling in 1208-1217. During his era, the old Võnnu fort was replaced with a stone stronghold.




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