Saccalia is reconquered

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24. September 1217

After the battle and the pursuit of the Estonians was over, Germans began to loot the nearby areas and sweep the battlefield.

All the booty was taken to Lembitu's village in Navesti, where the army stayed for three days. The treasures were divided; also the surviving Saccalian elders were brought there. Among those was Lembitu's brother, Unnepeve (Õnnepäev); the elders agreed to subject themselves to the Germans, crusaders took hostages as a warrant.

Victorious crusaders returned home. The Russians never made it, but arranged their own raid to Estonia and Livonia in 1218.

Thus ended the largest field battle between the Estonians and the crusaders, dealing a heavy blow to the collaboration of the Estonian counties. But even this was not the ultimate turning point, deciding the fate of the overall crusade.

Estonians managed to collaborate and successfully rise up against the Germans on several occasions, for example in 1223, when an uprisings took place all over Estonia. Nonetheless, Estonians were fighting an enemy superior to them, and by 1227, its rule had been enforced in all of Estonia, subjecting it for centuries.

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