Estonian ambassadors in Novgorod

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August 1217


By 1217, German crusaders had been waging war against the Estonians for almost ten years.
The counties of Ugaunia (Ugandi) and Saccalia (Sakala) had had to surrender in 1215, but this did not end the anti-invader plotting.

The help of Pihkva and Novogord was sought, and with their help it became possible to destroy German army at Otepää and capture the fort of the Ugaunians in early 1217.

Estonians wanted the alliance to continue and sent their messengers to Novgorod in August. New prince, Svjatoslav Mstislavich-Borissovich promised to come to Estonia, and bring the prince of Pihkva, Vladimir and its forces along.

This, however, was only a promise, Svjatoslav was probably unable to assert himself in Novgorod. In addition, it took time to gather the army. The Russians came to Estonia in the following year, in 1218, the army was lead by another Novgorodian prince.

Source: Sulev Vahtre. Muinasaja loojang Eestis: vabadusvõitlus 1208-1227. Tallinn: Olion. 1990
Evald Tõnisson, Jüri Selirand ja Artur Vassar. Kui Lembitu kutsus... Tallinn: Eesti Raamat, 1968                       

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