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Petseri monastery, founded in 1473, has been part of the Republic of Estonia for only 20 years, but it has had a long term influence on the South-Eastern area of Estonia. It was founded by hermits in 1473, who lived in local caves built there their initial settlement. Monastery buildings were completed by the middle of the XVI century, before the Livonian War began. The overseer of the monastery, Kornelius, made an elaborate job out of it. During the Livonian War, the monastery served as an important center for the orthodox mission, its monks tried to convert nearby peasants. Petseri was also an important border fort for Russia, especially during the XVII century. During the Great Northern War, the monastery was surrounded by bastions and towers, but it lost it military importance afterwards.

Petseri is an influential monastery, with 7 churches and several hundred monks. In 1919-1940, together with the county of Petseri, it was part of the Republic of Estonia; later, in 1945, it was joined to Russia.


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