Franciscan monastery is built in Rakvere

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The idea to build a monastery probably came to the Livonians after the victory in the battle of Smolino, on September 13, 1502. Initially, the Master of the Order, Plettenberg, wanted the monastery to be built in Tallinn, but the Town Council dismissed the idea. Thus, it was relocated to Rakvere. It is unknown when the construction works began, but the first donation was made in 1503. It was definitely finished by the time the reformation began. The monastery was active in the 1550s, but was severely damaged in the Livonian War, and Russians closed it down in 1559. The buildings were demolished in 1635.

Source: Jaan Tamm. Eesti keskaegsed kloostrid = Medieval monasteries of Estonia. Tallinn: Eesti Entsüklopeediakirjastus, 2002.

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