Narva Dominican monastery

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08. September 1520

Even though Narva had stood as the stronghold of catholicism in the east for centuries, until the beginning of the XVI century, no monasteries had been built there. It was 1508, when finally a related proposal was made to the Town Council, and on September 8, 1520, it was decided to begin with the works. The decision making had been pushed forward by the plague of 1519-20. Building was sponsored by the bishop of Dorpat, also Johann Blankenfeld, who served as the bishop of Tallinn, Johann Kyvel the bishop of Ösel-Wiek, and the Master of the Order Wolter von Plettenberg. But before the construction had been completed, Narva turned to Lutheranism: monks had to leave Narva in 1524, and the monastery was left unfinished.

Source: Jaan Tamm. Eesti keskaegsed kloostrid = Medieval monasteries of Estonia. Tallinn: Eesti Entsüklopeediakirjastus, 2002.

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