The peace treaty is signed

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In the beginning of 1503, Livonian delegation traveled to Moscow to sign the peace. Initially, Moscow had an extremely patronizing attitude towards the Livonians, latter were not admitted for two weeks.

Only after the peace had been made with Lithuania and latter had asked Moscow to make a deal with the Livonians, negotiations went into motion. It took only three days to create the treaty; it ended the war without any border changes and none of the problems the Livonians had hoped to solve were cleared up.

The Hanseatic legation in Novgorod stayed closed, also Livonian merchants, who had been imprisoned already in 1494, were not freed. All these matters were solved in 1509, when new treaty was made, this time for 14 years.

By this time, Livonia had adopted neutral position, and Moscow did everything to keep Livonia and Lithuania from reconnecting. Similar treaties were signed also later: in 1521, 1531, 1551, the last one for only 1 year though.

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