Izjaslav conquers Sosols and demands tribute

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In 1060, Grand Duke Izjaslav attacked the Sosols and was successful: they had to pay 2000 grivnas (1 grivna=250 g silver).

It is unclear, who were the Sosols, but taking into account, that earlier campaigns went North-West from Pihkva, it seems that Sosols were Norther-Estonians, people living around Tallinn.

The name, Sosol, may derive from their salt trade. Latter was the main source of income for Tallinn also during the Middle Ages. But, as it is still unclear, also Saccalians and Oeselians have been regarded as Sosols. It is very unlikely that Oeselians were the tribe, that would mean that Izjaslav had to arrange a naval campaign, which is not mentioned in the sources. Also, capturing the fort has not been noted down; it is possible that the Sosols bought themselves free for 2000 grivnas. This sort of solution is know from the XIII century also, as Henrik has noted on several occasions, that Estonians paid to the sieging Russians to make them leave.

Source: Aivar Kriiska, Andres Tvauri. Eesti muinasaeg. Tallinn: Avita, 2002.

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