Campaigns of posadnik Ostromir and prince Izjaslav

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According to the chronicles of Old-Russia, first campaign in 1054 was posadnik Ostromir's offensive to Estonia, which ended very badly for him: Novgorodians were defeated and Ostromir himself killed. After that, son of Yaroslav the Wise, Izjaslav, prince of Novgorod who had rose to Kiev throne the same year, arranged his assault and captured Keava (Kedepiv) fort.
It is possible, that after founding Yuryev, Russian princes wished to expand their dominion in Estonia even further, to gain access to the trade routes of Middle- and Norther Estonia. Izjaslav possibly organized his campaign to prove his suitability to the position of the Grand Duke. Kedepivi fort (translated to Russian as a "hand of the Sun"), must have been Keava, that then stood as the largest fort-settlement of Middle-Estonia. Therefore it is rather possible, that after capturing Keava, Russian princes expanded their rule also to Middle-Estonia.

Source: Aivar Kriiska, Andres Tvauri. Eesti muinasaeg. Tallinn: Avita, 2002.

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