The beginning of the Estonian War of Independence

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28. November 1918

All units of the Estonian Peoples Force were rallied near Narva. From there, the Red Army could have reached Tallinn very easily.

1000 Estonians and 1800 Germans were opposed by 7000 members of the Red Army.

On November 28, 1918, the Red Army started bombing Narva, which was followed by an assault. Until noon they were pushed back, but because German forces were leaving and enemy forces organized an attack on the rear in Narva-Jõesuu, Major General Aleksander Tõnisson ordered the Estonian forces to retreat.

Most of the Estonians deserted, so only 350 men made it to the Oru rallying point. The first Estonian city, Narva, had fell to the Red Army.

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Image source:,_Russland-Nord,_Infanterie_und_Panzer_35t.jpg

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