The Red Army converging near Estonia

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18. November 1918

In November 18, 1918, the Red Army's supreme commander gave the order to capture Narva and Pihkva, to later invade Tallinn, Valga and Riga.

The Baltic Navy was designated to support the land forces from sea. The Red Army had to act fast, because of the retreat of the German forces from the occupied eastern areas, and the fact that Estonians had not formed a defence force yet.

In the early morning of November 22, two Red Army regiments started moving towards Narva, but suffered a heavy defeat to the German regiment defending Ivangorod.

On November 25, the Red Army started its offensive on Pihkva, which was defended by the Germans alongside the North Corps of the Russian White Guard. At first, they managed to defend the city, but in the evening, after the German forces had left, the Whites had to abandon Pihkva. The road to Estonia was now clear.

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