The landing of the Swedish forces

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05. October 1700

Charles XII (1682/1697-1718) arrived in Pärnu from Karlshamn harbor. The voyage had taken six days because of the autumn storms. Pärnu was chosen as the landing site because it was still unclear weather they would go the aid of Narva or Riga.

Since it became clear that the danger at Riga was over, despite the harsh autumn conditions, they began making their way towards Narva, through Tallinn.

By standards of the time, Charles XII, as the crown prince, had been well educated and was a person of outstanding diligence. As a leader he was courageous and brave, that a times could turn into youthful arrogance.

In time, the king became more and more stubborn and self-confident and disregarded the advice of others and views contradicting his.

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