Sillame worker's settlement becomes a town

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Unlike Kiviõli and Kohtla.Järve, the founding of Sillamäe was fully initiated by the Soviet rule. In 1945, Stalin had decided, that uranium has to be mined for the Soviet nuclear bomb project.

This was to be carried out in the Eastern part of Virumaa, and in 1946, the construction works for Sillamäe workers settlement began. In 1947, it was turned into a closed settlement, and it stayed thus until 1991.

Also, only Russian workers were brought there, it was practically impossible for Estonians to get a permission to live and work there. By 1957, the number of immigrants was big enough tho be able to make the settlement into a town. Later, it expanded further, and construction works began to build houses for the employees of Eesti Põlevkivi, a subsidiary of Eesti Energia, an Estonian state-owned energy company.

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