Industrial settlements Kiviõli and Kohtla-Järve become towns

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Already two years after the battles had seized in Estonian mainland, the Soviet rule granted town privileges to two industrial settlements. This indicated the plans the rule had with the region. Soon, large mines were constructed; intense development of the industry destroyed the nature for centuries.

The first settlement to gain town privileges had not been formed under the orders of Stalin. Kiviõli had formed as a mining settlement in 1925, and already in 1938, a plan was made to create one town out of Kiviõli and Küttejõu, another nearby settlement. Latter was was a borough in 1945-54, and then joined together with Kiviõli.

In Kohtla-Järve, mining operations began already before the WWII, but this settlement was a Soviet creation, as from early on, mainly Russian speaking work force was sent there. In the 1950s, a plan was made to rename Kohtla-Järve to Stalin, but the Great Leader died before this could happen.


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