The Republic of Estonia grants town privileges

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In 1926, the government of th Republic of Estonia decided to grant town privileges to five settlements.

More people began to settle to Nõmme in the middle of the XIX century, after it had become a popular summer resort for Tallinners. The local estate owner, Nikolai von Glehn, played a big role in the development of the area: he handed out plots for summer houses, built a castle in New-Gothic style and so on. Words "Let there be a town!" are surmised to be his, and in 1926 Nõmme became a town. But already in 1940, it was joined with Tallinn.

Põltsamaa was a trade settlement already in the end of the Middle Ages, it became the residence of duke Magnus, "the king of Livonia" in 1570. Later on, its importance somewhat decreased. In the second half of the XVIII century, it became known again due to several manufactures; also pastor August Wilhelm Hupel, a peasantry minded clergyman, worked there. By the beginning of the XX century, it had grown into the largest settlement in Northern Tartumaa, and thus received town privileges.

Tapa began to form due to a railway in the second half of the XIX century. By the beginning of the XX, it had become the most important railway junction in Northern Estonia. There were several railway related businesses in Tapa, and due to its industrial nature and size, Tapa became a town.

Tõrva has stood as the center of Helme parish since the Middle Ages, Order's fort is nearby too. During the XIX century, a borough formed there, that on July 2, 1926, received town privileges.

A church was built to Türi already in the XIII century, yet there have been no settlements from about the second half of the Middle Ages and on. During the XIX century, thanks to the railway, industrial businesses began operate there, and in the XX century, the settlement became a borough. Türi became town on July 2, 1926.


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