Paldiski becomes a town

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As Paldiski Bay is usually ice free, the Swedish began to build a military port named Rogerwiek in the XVII century. In 1718, czar Peter I continued their works, sketching a large naval base and garrison there. After his death, however, the works stopped, and did not continue until Jelizaveta's rule (1740-1762).

Also Catherine II was interested in completing Pladiski's construction; she visited the place in 1764. The port had been named Baltiiski Port two years earlier, Estonian name "Paldiski" deriving from there.

Catherine II planned military a town with 16,000 inhabitants, that is why even today, when compared to the population, the streets are very wide and town's planning very large. After the administrative reform in 1783, Catherine ordered the creation of Paldiski county, and its central town received the town privileges.

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