Narva receives town privileges from Valdemar IV

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25. July 1345

There was probably a settlement on Narva's location already during the prehistoric era, but the fort was build there on the XIII century. Probably quite soon, a settlement had formed near it, but it was not granted with the town privileges until 1345.

Reason might have been, that Tallinn feared competition, and later thwarted Narva's entry to the Hanseatic League. On the other hand, the town might have been too small and insignificant, also, it was constantly threatened by the Russians.

After the Livonian Order had conquered all of Northern Estonia in 1343, it became clear, that Estonia will soon, also officially, belong to the Order. There might have been the question of the price, and it is surmised, that Valdemar IV Atterdag granted the privileges to Narva to rise the price of Estonia. It has also been presumed that Narva may have received the privileges earlier, during Valdemar III, but there is no direct evidence about that.

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