New-Pärnu receives town privileges

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Even though Old-Pärnu, belonging to the bishopric of Ösel-Wiek, had received its town privileges already in 1251, by the beginning of XIV century it had been burned to the ground for several times, and did not really justify its status.

On the other side of the river stood Pärnu fort, belonging to the Order, and a trade settlement formed around it too. In 1318, the Master of the Order gave it town privileges, by the Riga law. As New-Pärnu was surrounded with stone walls, it was much more resilient to enemy attacks and fire than Old-Pärnu.

Also, its port was in a more convenient location, thus it began to economically surpass the other town: New-Pärnu became a member of the Hanseatic League, Vana-Pärnu did not. New-Pärnu is also the direct predecessor of current city of Pärnu.

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