Tallinn receives town privileges under the Lübeck law

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15. May 1248

On May 15, 1248, Danish king Erik IV (Plovpenning) gave Tallinn the town privileges, under the Lübeck Law. Tallinn had probably reached the criteria before that, the citizens and even the Town Council had been mentioned earlier (data is from 1230s), but granting the town privileges gave it all a legal bases.

Soon after this, Tallinn became one of the most important trade centers on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea, and joined the Hanseatic League. With the town privileges, Tallinn also gained the coat of arms and the flag.

Later, the Noble Corporation of Estonia borrowed the coat of arms that depicted three lions. This is how the lions got to the coat of arms of Estonia.

The codex of the Lübeck rights to Tallinn from 1248 has not preserved, but there is information about it in transcript from 1347. Oldest codex of the Lübeck rights dates back to 1282.

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