International conference dedicated to Henry takes place in Tallinn

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22. May 2008

By the initiative of Estonian historians of the Medieval period, first conference dedicated solely to Henry's chronicle was organized. It was attended by historians form Estonia,

Denmark, Latvia, England and Italy. Main discussions were about interpretation versions in different cultural and ideological environments; but also the question of publication and the ideology of the Crusade were debated.

In the last speech, Estonian historian and the main organizer of the conference, Linda Kaljundi, talked about Henry's persona and his depiction throughout times, mentioning among other things a film from 2005 called "Malev", which was subtitled as "Henry of Latvia lied!".

It seems that interest towards Henry's persona has risen lately, in 2006 Andrei Hvostov's play "Henry" was published, being the first work of fiction where the chronicler is the protagonist.



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