Codex Zamoscianus

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It is likely that the Codex Zamoscianus was made during the final decades or the turn of the XIII century. This is the oldest transcription of Henry's chronicle, it is also closest to the original, which has not survived. In addition to the Codex, 15 manuscripts from the XIV-XIX century have preserved. To rewrite Henry's chronicle, several sources have to be used, because the Codex has survived in fragments, ending with the XXIII chapter. In academic publications, the Codex is mainly used.

It is unclear how the manuscript came to Poland, but it is presumed that it happened during the XVI or XVII century, when several members of Zamoyski family operated in Livonia. It was discovered form the library of the family in the XIX century, and thus received their name; today the manuscript is located it the Polish National Library in Warsaw.

Source: Henriku Liivimaa kroonika = Heinrici chronicon Livoniae. Tallinn: Eesti Raamat, 1982.

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