Conflict of Ösel-Wiek in 1532-1536

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November 1532

In the end of 1532, vassals of Wiek and the chapter of Ösel-Wiek, who had fell out with their bishop, chose the coadjutor of archbishop of Riga, Wilhelm, as their new bishop.

But the current bishop, Reinhold von Buxhoeveden, refused to hand over the power, and withdrew to Saaremaa (Oesel), which had remained loyal to him. Other powers in Livonia did not approve of the choice, especially was against it Wilhelm's "spiritual father", archbishop of Riga.

The Order chose neither side, and at first it seemed that under some circumstances Plettenberg may even support Wilhelm. In March 1533, the coadjutor and the Master of the Order created an alliance, that would guarantee Wilhelm Order's support in pursuit of the bishop's chair, but, on the other hand, he would have had to stop seeking help outside Livonia.

Most of the members of the Order were against this alliance, and for some time, younger brothers of the Order threatened to remove Plettenberg from his position. However, after it became clear that also the pope supports Buxhoeveden, Plettenberg gave up his support. In the Viljandi Diet, in February 1534, a Buxhoeveden supporting alliance was created, and Wilhelm had to leave Livonia on the same autumn. In July 1536, he officially renounced his pursuit of the bishop's chair of Ösel-Wiek.

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