Russian raids in the end 1501, beginning 1502

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November 1501

According to a contemporary Livonian chronicler Christian Bomhower, the raids of the Russians, moving on the heels of retreating Livonians, were extremely cruel, around 100,000 people were killed or deported.

It is very likely that the number of victims was significantly smaller, but the eastern part of Livonia, especially the bishopric of Dorpat was severely ravaged. Hence, morale was low all over the country: the bishopric of Dorpat promised to have separate negotiations with the Russians, the Noble Corporation of Harju-Viru decided to look for a new master. In the beginning of 1502, Master Plettenberg, who had conquered a severe illness, managed to achieve enough support among the Diet to continue fighting. He was backed up by the bishop of Riga.

The Order arranged their own raids to Russia. By late summer of 1502, an army big enough had been gathered, and Livonian master began to organize another large campaign to Pihkva.

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