The Ivangorod incident in 1496 and the decisions of 1498

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In 1495-1498 several Livonian delegations were sent to Russia, but the conflict could not be solved: prince Ivan III was not interested in a compromise, and tried to push his demands on the Hanseatic League and Livonia.

The relationships intensified even further after the Swedish, waging war with Moscow in 1495-97, captured the Ivangorod fort and offered it to the Order. Plettenberg refused the offer, as Livonia was unprepared to fight a war, nonetheless Russians accused the Livonians of helping the Swedish and several smaller clashes happened on the eastern border. From 1498 on, Plettenberg decided to prepare for a war against Russia. The war was planned to be a preemptive one, because Livonia was afraid that the Russians will launch a full scale war after the deadline of the previous peace treaty ends in 1503. In the Diet of 1498, taking place in Valga, Livonians passed a new tax law, with what a basis for a larger mercenary army was established.

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