Plettenberg becomes the Master of the Order in 1494 and the conflict begins

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07. July 1494

On July 7, 1494, after the previous Master of the Order, Johann Freitag von Loringhoven had died, Plettenberg was elected to the position by the chapter of the Order. This consisted of the members of the Order, bailiffs and commanders.

The times were troubled: in 1492 the Russians had built the fort of Ivangorod (Jaanilinn) across the river to oppose Narva, and shut down Hanseatic trade corridor in Novgorod.

The conflict with prince Ivan III became even more heated after two Russian merchants were executed in Tallinn: one for producing counterfeit coin and the other one for sodomy (with a horse). Tallinn, and also the Hanseatic towns in Northern-Germany asked Plettenberg to solve the conflict.

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