Ilumetsa meteorite craters

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400 BC

Ilumetsa meteorite crater cluster is located in Põlvamaa. Two of the craters, Põrguhaud (Hellgrave) and Sügavhaud (Deepgrave) are scientifically proven to be of meteoritic origin. Origins of Kurahaud (Devilgrave), Tondihaud (Ghostgrave) and Inglihaud (Angelgrave) are yet to be proven.

The largest of them, Põrguhaud, measures 80 m across and 12,5 m in depth. The berm reaches 1-4,5 meters high. The width of Süvahaud crater is 50 m and the depth 4,5 m. The berm in this case is discontinuous and reaches up to 1,5 m, in height. The impact sprayed the ground, without forming identifiable raised banks in the core of the wall. It has been found that organic deposits in Põrguhaud started to settle around 6000 years ago. Scattered matter from the meteor impact has been found in the deposits of Meenikunno bog, dating back 6600 years.


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