Neugrund crater

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46000 BC

Article about the biggest meteorites found in Estonia, published in "Eesti Päevaleht" on January 7, 1997, describes the meteor crater, that is seven kilometers wide and was discovered in the Baltic Sea, between the islands Osmussaare and Pakri.

The crater has been named Neugrund crater.

Kalle Suuroja, a geologist from the Estonian Institute of Geology, says the crater is about 475 million years old. It was buried under sediments, but was partially revealed at the end of the ice age.

Geologists suspected that there could be a large meteorite crater in the bottom of the Baltic Sea, because large amounts of shattered crystal based rocks were discovered on the coast of North-Western Estonia.

The meteorite created a crater, seven kilometer wide, and the blast shattered rocks in wide radius, dozens of kilometers away.

Geologists confirm, that the explosion from the impact was four to five times of that of the largest man-made thermonuclear explosion in 1961, by the Soviet Union at Novaja Zemlja, where the blast left a three kilometer wide crater.

Kalle Suuroja said, that the discovery of another such crater, is a cautionary example to mankind, to remind us that large meteorites have hit the Earth from time to time, and will continue to do so in the future.


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