Tamula settlement

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3500 BC

Bone fishhooks from Tamula settlement.

The citizens of Tamula settlement and the whole earlier settlement earned living foremost from fishing, to the minor extent also from plant gathering and hunting.

Through a couple of thousands of years the settlement of the citizens of that time was located at the favourable place near Tamula foremost from the viewpoint of fishermen. The primeval forests growing on the highlands were hinterlands at that time.

The double burial from Tamula settlement and burial place. The coasts of River Võhandu are the cradle of Võrumaa settlement, where the settlements of late Stone Age in Kääpa, Villa and at the coast of Tamula in Roosisaare have been found, in the place where River Võhandu flows out of the lake.

People lived in Kääpa for about 5000 years ago, some time later in Villa, Tamula settlement is the youngest, people lived there about 3500-4000 years ago. The balustrade barrows, tumuli and altars indicate that people have lived, hunted, fished and later cultivated the field long ago in Võrumaa.



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