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When driving along Tallinn road entering Põltsamaa the gardening farm remains between the road and the river on the territory of which the ancient settlement is located. The culture layer of the settlement includes the ceramics and other findings of the earlier Stone Age and Middle Age.

The oldest finding from the settlement is the round millstone belonging to the I millennium b.c. In 1939 the major treasure was discovered on the territory of the settlement, 472 Arab coins of which reached the museum. The treasure was buried in the clay vessel. The treasure of Põltsamaa is the largest and oldest among the money treasures found from the territory of Jõgeva county, buried in the 10th century.

The castle with the church located on the right coast of River Põltsamaa has been in the focal place in the parish centre. The stronghold was the predecessor of the castle. The castle was built by order master Otto von Rodenstein in 1272, but in 1502 the Russian conquerors turned it into ruins. Also in 1558 the castle became the victim of plundering by the Russians.

In 1570-1578 when the governor of the Kingdom of Livonia was Duke Magnus, Põltsamaa became the capital of kingdom. Duke Magnus lived in the buildings located in Kuningamäe. In 1623 the field marshal Hermann von Wrangel became the owner of Põltsamaa castle, the construction works were thought about. The buildings to be built also included the church which was asked to be built by Wrangel near the castle.

Upon his initiative the teachers of Lutheran religion were invited to Põltsamaa in 1624. The castle and church were destroyed in 1703.

41 numbers of medical science daily newspaper "Lühike Õpetus " were published through the local printhouse, the Estonian translation of which was made by the local priest August Wilhelm Hupel.





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