Sindi-Lodja settlements

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4000 BC

Reiu settlement, i.e. Sindi-Lodja I is the settlement of 11000 years old at the fall of River Reiu in Pärnu county. The nucleus, stone axe, bone spire and other Stone Age objects were found from the mouth of River Reiu.

Three flint splinters and bone piece were found from there. One flint piece is reddish - such flint has been found only in Pulli in Estonia.

Sindi-Lodja I has presumably been the settlement at the end of the Iron Age (IX-XIII century), there are the traces of string ceramics culture (3200/3000 - 1800 b.c.), the era of settlement of comb ceramics (4200/4000 - 1800 b.c.), settlement layer of Kuna culture (dated with radiocoal method in 7050 b.c.) and early-Mesolithic settlement stage (in 9000 b.c.).

Sindi-Lodja III settlement on photo.


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