Kunda settlement

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8700 BC

Kunda settlement was a tiny islet in the former lake. At the moment this is a clear-bordered hill (on photo) on the bare ground and was found when excavating the lake chalk.

All about hundred settlement sites of this era belong to Kunda culture. Kunda culture has received its name near Kunda city according to the findings received from Kunda Lammasmäe. Estonia has other important mines of Kunda culture: e.g. Pulli settlement, Siimusaare settlement, Narva Joaoru settlement).

Reiu settlement has been also found near the place of River Reiu falling into River Pärnu which is almost as old as Pulli settlement. Presumably up to 1500 persons lived in Estonia during the period of Kunda culture.

The settlements were usually located near lakes or rivers where it was possible to fish and hunt the animals coming to the water bodies to drink. The rivers and lakes offered better movement possibilities than the forests.

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